The Nit Language

An academic, general purpose expressive language with a script-like syntax, a friendly type-system and aims at elegance, simplicity and intuitiveness.

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print "Hello world!"

var response = gets
print "You responded {response}"

for i in [0..4[ do
	print "{i}..."

Script-like syntax

Language without verbosity nor cryptic statements applying the KISS principle.

var x = whatever
if x isa Int then
	print x + 6

Useful static types

Painless static types: static typing should help programmers.

class Person
	var name: Text
	var age: Int

var bob = new Person("Bob", 31)
var alice = new Person("Alice", 42)

Free constructors

With customization options per attribute

redef class String
    fun escape_sql... ?

Safe open classes

Class refinement is checked at compilation to detect ambiguity.

fun printf in "C" `{
	printf("We're in C!\n");

fun printf in "Java" `{
	System.out.println("And Java!");

Invoke foreign code

The foreign function interface supports C, C++, Java and Objective-C.

# Fibonacci sequence
# ~~~
# assert fib(1) == 
# assert fib(10) == 
# ~~~
fun fib(n: Int): Int do ...

Examples as unit tests

Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry.

Engine agnostic language

with two main implementations as a compiler and an interpreter.

Built-in support for Android and iOS

User interface using native controls. Easily extensible using class refinement and foreign code.

Safe multiple inheritance

with predictable linearization.

Academic language

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