A real time multiplayer strategy game playable on Linux, Windows and other systems with support for python and pygame.

Captain your ship, build up its defenses, manage smaller ships and deal with other players peacefully or in space combat.

Incomplete manual

How to setup

On linux/ubuntu

Install pygame and psyco by installing the packages python-pygame, python-psyco and (only for ubuntu hardy) libsdl1.2-debian-esd with apt-get or synaptic.

On windows

Install the latest version of python from and the latest stable version of pygame from

How to play

Launch a local game

Execute and use the quick play function.

Join a network game

Execute and connect to a known server or to the test server

Launch a server

Execute specifying the ip adresses to open sockets on as arguments. Use --help to have more information.


Use subversion to get the latest version:
svn co

A few screenshots