Summit Way

In Summit Way, place bridges between a small group of hills to link them all together and create in a loop. Choose each bridge carefully as they can't cross each other, can't be too steep and they may offend the inhabitants of the attached hills!

Summit Way is ad-supported, with optional donations to hide the ads and support the game development.

Summit Way offers 10 regions with a total of 72 levels, from a relaxing start to more challenging levels towards the end. Start off by finding any solution to the first few levels, letting yourself be guided by the sound of the wood falling in place. And then, challenge yourself by finding the shortest possible path to earn a 4 stars score on all levels, and share the trickiest solutions with your friends!

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As you progress in Summit Way, take care of which hill your bridges land on.


Hilltops covered in trees can be cut down to create more planks, and longer bridges.


Towns ask for a unit of food to use their hill, make sure to harvest a farm for each town.


Castles require a payment in gold to use their hill, you need to conquer a mine to fulfill the need of each castle.


Hills defended by cannons cannot be reached until the canon itself has been conquered.